Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alaskan Adventure

We recently returned from a just shy of a week trip to Alaska. To say that is was beautiful would be an understatement. Never before have I seen such vast, untouched land. And the land that has been touched, has been caressed ever so gently so as not to perturb any of the natural dwellers.

I could get into the day by day play of our trip, but I don't think I could recreate some of the more special moments. Not that I have anything against sharing, but I like to keep some things sacred (read: off the damn internet). So instead of a narration, I have offered a few glimspes into our journey, caption free.

Furthermore, this trip to Alaska solidified two things for me. 1) That I want to move out to the Pacific northwest as soon as I can. and 2) That travel and exploration are what bring me to the contention that I often long for in the city. It is when I am taken out of my comfort zone that I truly feel the most comfortable, the most at home.