Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little Diddy About Jen and Diane

Here are two ladies I have been particularly fond of lately. To be honest, I have been fond of Jennifer Aniston for some time now. I know she gets scoffed at for being "boring" and consistently wearing black to awards shows, but hey, the girl knows what works. She dresses smart. She doesn't get caught up in of-the-moment trends. She seems to focus mostly on the fit of the dress. And why shouldn't she? Her body is killer, she works a flawless tan, and her hair is a walking Pantene commercial. She wears the dress, the dress does not wear her. Clean, simple, but always a statement.

It drives me crazy when beautiful women cover themselves with crap. More specifically, ill-fitting crap. Menswear is one thing, and belts can only solve so many problems. Wear clothes that fit! Wear QUALITY fabrics (read: not Forever 21)! Stand up straight and walk out the door owning your look.

Ok that rant is over. I have much more to say on the topic but I will only get myself in trouble. Style and fashion is, to many, a matter of personal preference and opinion. So if one wants to dress in the aforementioned NO's...they have the right to do so. My opinion, however, is that a five year old can fall into a dress up bin and come out looking like a cross between Annie Hall and Lady Gaga. Sloppiness is something we hopefully evolve from as we get older.

Ok, first we have Diane Kruger. Acting skills: TBD (though I personally am a fan of National Treasure.) Boyfriend skills: Maximum high (Pacey wins above all others in the man department.) Style skills: Fierce. The girls can dress. The girl can wear a dress. She is edgy and exciting, yet clean and refined. Her clothes are tailorded to within and inch of her life, and she chooses colors that are both exciting and flattering.

Please enjoy the following photos. Creds at the end.

Moving on to Jennifer Aniston. Like I said before, she knows what works for her. She doesn't take major risks, but will occassionally get wild with some Alaia's on her feet or a red Valentino or two. She too, looks clean but not overly polished. She wears a pair of shoes more than once. And she looks like she likes to eat buffalo chicken and drink beer. Though she probably doesn't. Or maybe she does because supposedly she works out for about 4 hours every day.

Photo stream. Enjoy.

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  1. I have to say that Diane's black/blue/baby blue dress, and the red one with black flowers on it are both hideous.