Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dem's Typin' Words

I am constantly thinking of the things I will do to my home once I own a place. Living in a rental is all fine and good, but I teeter back and forth on how much effort/money to put into the place. For instance, I currently live in a small loft space. My bedroom is elevated, and there is room for a small office and dining area under the loft. Before I moved in I had the walls under and above the loft painted in a dark navy blue. At the time, my mother suggested I paint them in black chalkboard paint, but of course I wouldn't hear of it. Now, 8 months later, I am DYING to cover my blue walls in chalkboard bliss. To paint, or not to paint?

Part of my desire to change them comes from some new additions to my place. I recently found a very interesting dining room fixture at Vintage Pine. The artist used tree roots (not sure what kind of tree) and soaked them in water to loosen them up. She then twisted them into unusual shapes and sprayed them orange and yellow. I picked a large orange one, with the intention of spray painting it silver. I think the silver will look better with my white dining room table and gray couch and zinc topped kitchen island.

Pre-silver light fixture:

My dining room table is white, round, and has a nice column base. I have 4 matching chairs, but I am going to switch out 2 of them with 2 Ghost Chairs.

The other new addition is an ottoman/coffee table from Anthropologie. I have been in love with this piece for a while now, and it finally went on sale. It is a little folksy, but the colors are nice and muted, and they really tie the couch with the Barcelona Chair and the dining room fixture together. I also think it will be a nice contrast with the mirrored chest (that is now covered with a TV. Boo. But I still love them both).

Two final things (for right now) that I am in the process of looking for/purchasing are a massive floor length mirror (hopefuly about 70" tall) and a tray for the ottoman. Something simple, not too antique-ish, not too modern. I haven't found a tray that I am crazy about, but I did find a mirror on Craig's List that is berry berry tall, and has a nice thick fram I can gold leaf.

With that being said, below are some images that I send to Justin a couple of times a week.

I am OBSESSED with this alarm clock. It is by Jonas Damon. Alarms clocks are usually one of those items I despise purchasing. Right up there with bras, razor blades and Swiffer refills. But this one is so sleek and refined, that it quenches my noetic thirst - as far as alarm clocks go.

The black and white stripes are painted on the wall, not wallpaper. I also love the brass - yet again.

Lots of words for the 2 people I send my blog to. So here's to Kate who is going to get inked. And Jim who is forced to read this. And for good measure, Little J, because I think I force him to read it too.

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