Friday, December 11, 2009

Rum pa bumpbum. (Spellcheck?)

Jackie O.

To be honest her gown reminds me of a chenille blanket from the 70s. But the fit is immaculate and she really does look princess bride-ish.

I have very fond memories of these ribbed turtlenecks. My mom had one in about every color, and I would borrow them in grade school and play adult. They look much better on Jackie...the proper size and all.

I think she looks like Mariska Hargitay here. Or the other way around really.

Ah, the Ralph Lauren Collection Gift Vault. I was at Ralph Lauren the other day, and tried on the most beautiful Jet Heart Necklace from their Estate Collection. I wish I could find a pic, but I am pretty sure all those pieces are one of a kind. I love this piece though. It too is from the Estate Collection, and looks regal.

A Jet piece from the Ralph Lauren Hollywood Glamour Collection.

Ralph Lauren Estate Collection earrings.

Ralph Lauren Collection Fall 2009 RTW. I would get married in this, maybe switch out the tweed jacket for a black one though.

Winter White.

When my Mom saw this dress at Ralph Lauren she said it would make a great "mother of the bride" dress.

I love the cuffs. LOVE.

Pics from and Google searches.

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